Bryan has worked at Monarch Digital for over 6 years doing web development with Drupal, contributing multiple modules and themes as well as creating countless custom modules and themes. His latest contribution is the Space theme for Drupal 8.

While mainly being a backend developer, he also handles most design and front end work for the company. Some of his design and front end highlights are the current and past Monarch Digital sites, the Monarch Digital logo, the Porsche Club of America, the City of Colorado Springs, and many more.

When Bryan isn't working he loves playing around with various technologies such as virtual reality, canvas animations, 3D modeling/animations, and the Unreal Engine. When not ruining his eyesight with constant LCD screen bombardment, Bryan loves going to the gym, hiking, and anything to do with fitness. You can learn more at

Got a Google Cardboard? Try out a VR version of the Monarch Digital Office here: