Whether you're a small organization with no IT staff or your part of a large, self-sufficient company, you should have Drupal support relationship in place. While some potential website issues can be expected when adding new features, sometimes minor host or module updates can have unexpected, unpredictable, and less than obvious side-effects which could negatively impact your website. Having a support vendor lined up and ready to jump into action can help minimize downtime and give you peace of mind.

What if I could sell you an insurance policy, but you don't have to pay for it unless you need it?

Some real life examples:

  • The owner of a small business in the rural midwest applies changes or updates their Drupal site. She's done this many times. This time, however, the screen is white. Just white. She can't log in any more. She thought she had a backup, but it didn't work.
  • You're the IT manager of a large organization. Your staff has been maintaining a variety of web technologies for some time. Suddenly, your Drupal talent walks out the door. Right in the middle of a major upgrade.

Now, what do you do? 

  • You must try to identify, interview, select and get an agreement in place with a Drupal organization to help you, but time is of the essence.
  • You're probably not going to make the best decisions when you're in a crisis.
  • You're going to have to get the support organization up to speed on all the technical specifics of your site.

Be prepared!

Instead, select a Drupal support vendor when all is going well. Get everything in place. For firms like us that only charge for time we spend on a project, there is no or low cost to get this relationship in place. 

Hot swap. You will then prepared to swap in your Drupal support vendor when needed. The vendor can jump in immediately and provide both immediate remediation along with any additional help to get back to normal.

Supplemental assistance. With this relationship in place. you can have supplemental help on development and support projects at the ready. You can get quick estimates on overflow projects and logically do cost-benefit analysis of finishing a project now vs. putting it off until internal resources are available.

Even if you're a Drupal vendor you should be proactive.

Even the most technical staff should have Drupal support backup lined up. We regularly provide Drupal support and development help to other Drupal development and design shops. Why?

  • Some of these shops are primarily design organizations. Some of the difficult backend tasks that come their way are just not what they do.
  • Others are simply overwhelming with work. Besides being augmented staffing, we find that we end up doing extensive technical design along with development/support.

Still not sure if you need a support vendor in place?

Let's talk about your business needs and website support requirements, and build a support plan that let's you sleep better at night. Contact Us