Remember the olden days when you had to ask a web developer to change anything and everything on your web site? That seems so ancient now.

With CMS’s (Content Management Systems) like Drupal, non-technical content managers expect to log in and update their website without assistance, muss or fuss.

While you can make many changes to your production website, you probably don’t always want to publish every possible change for the entire world to see:

  • You are pushing a great deal of content at one time and you want to get approval for the entire batch first.
  • You are introducing new functionality on your site and need to test it.
  • You want to do some testing of various messages.

As developers, we like to push changes to a test (or staging) site for you, the client, to review. However, you can use the test site as a way to also test content and new functionality.

We like to password-protect test sites so that the search engines don’t index your test site and point new visitors to the wrong url.

Reach out. We can tell you more best practices that you really need to use to manage your website.